Logo of Boom BeachDo you love to play games that give you an adrenaline rush, a thrill to knock down your enemy, battle fields and more? Well, if you are looking for all of these elements in your games, then Boom Beach is for you. A freely available game of combat strategy played online among multiple players and also allows single player campaign. Strategize and realize the fight with the evil blackguard. Win in style with your strategically planned moves or get defeated badly. A game set in a tropical archipelago pits the player against an enemy which is referred to as the blackguard above. It begins with the player on an island with some defence and troops who has to fight the blackguards evading the islands and enslaving the locals. As you level up in the game, you’ll need to upgrade your troops, buy and construct some essential buildings and also upgrade the skills of the army to win over your opponents.

Boom Beach for PC

How to get Boom Beach on your PC or MAC?

A game by Supercell can be installed and played on your Windows PC or your MAC by using two ways, using bluestack or a Nox App player. Although there are numerous other emulators available out there on the internet, we are going to describe two of the most popular ones here.


  • OS: Windows 7,8 or 10 or Mac
  • Android version needed on the emulator: 4.0.3 or 4.0.4

Logo of BluestacksBlueStacks is an Android app and a popular emulator which can be downloaded for free from android app store and is used to play android games on your PC.

  1. To start off with, download BlueStacks and install the application.
  2. Once installed, open the app and search ‘boom beach’ and install the application using the emulator.
  3. You’ll have to login to your Google account for the emulator to start downloading the application for you.
  4. Once it is downloaded, go ahead and install and you’re ready to enjoy the game on your PC.

Boom Beach for PC Windows


Alternatively you can also download and install Nox app player in your PC or Mac – Another well known android emulator. Also available for free download.

  1. Login to your Google account and search for ‘Boom Beach’ in the Nox app player you just installed.
  2. Install the game on your emulator and you’re all set to play to the game on your PC or Mac.

You call also download the .apk file of the game and install using the emulator.

Want to play Boom Beach on your android phone?

Logo of AndroidBoom Beach is freely available on android play store. All you need to do is go to your play store, in the search bar type ‘Boom Beach’ select the first result and click on install. This application is currently has over 50 Million user and is rated 4.5.

Make sure you have an OS of version 4.0.3 or better and 0.5 GB of RAM (Recommended RAM is 1 GB or more)

Is it compatible with iOS?

Logo of iOSGood news for Apple users! Boom Beach is available on iOS 9.0 or later for free and is also compatible with iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. It is rated 4.7 out of 5. So you can just go to your apple app store, search Boom Beach in the search bar and select the first result. Click on download and install and you’ll be all set to use the application and play unlimited right on your apple phones.

Playing Boom Beach on other OS?

Unfortunately Boom Beach is not available to be played on other operating systems. You can play it on your Chromebook, provided it is compatible for installing android applications. If it is compatible then you’re good go to download it from the store, install and start playing just like you’d do it on your android phones.

But if you are desperate to play Boom Beach on these devices then let’s look at some alternatives:

  1. Plunder Pirates: Logo of Plunder PiratesInspired by boom beach and clash of clans, plunder pirates is a pirate themed game. Developed and published by a games studio called Midoki. The player has to recruit and train pirates, upgrade the defences. They have to explore the ocean and search some loot which they have to protect from others. This game is very similar to that of boom beach and clash of clans.
  2. Army of heroes: Logo of Army of HeroesIt is an amalgam of heroes you can collect and base management games where the player is required to accumulate heroes that have special abilities and use them to protect your base. You can also build and upgrade the buildings in your base so that better troops can be produced. In the clan based mechanics you can take part in co-op activities to take possession of enemy bases. Vital locations in the map provides extra resources to the player if one is able to take acquisition of them, it helps you in getting an advantageous position in the gameplay. If you love playing ‘Boom Beach’, then you surely are going to like playing this one.
  3. Battle Beach: Logo of Battle BeachIt is basically an imprint of ‘Boom Beach’ and places the player in archipelago of islands. Similar to Boom Beach you have to build and upgrade your bases. It is currently available on android and iOS devices. The main aim of the game is to upgrade the various skills in the game and build a civilization from the start. It is multiplayer only. It is freely available to play, but there are in game purchases available.

For those who want to play a similar game like Boom Beach on their XBOX then below are the two games:

  1. Age of empires: Castle Siege: – A massively multi-player game. Online tower defence and can be played on windows 8.1 and windows phone and also available on XBOX. It supports android and iOS also. Gameplay is similar to Boom Beach, the player owns a castle that can produce troops and player has the capability of training the troops and upgrading the buildings. Upgrading the buildings is important for the player to accommodate more resources, produce them faster and defending the castle while doing so. Infantry, archers, cavalry and siege weapons are the four unit types in the army. If you destroy either the keep or the building you’ll get a star and you win.
  2. Battle islands: Commanders: – Developed by DR studios, this game is a combination of strategy, action and World War 2 elements. It is also a multiplayer game played online. Mainly focuses on head to head combat. A war against enemies played on a map which holds places from the sandy dunes of North America to extreme cold of east. Build your troop and destroy the enemy, unlock battlegrounds as you win over your opponents. Available for windows user, xbox, android and iOS.

There are certain elements in Boom Beach which can be purchased to enhance your gameplay experience:

  • Pile of Diamonds: $4.99
  • Pouch of Diamonds: $9.99
  • Bag of Diamonds: $19.99
  • Crate of Diamonds: $99.99
  • Box of Diamonds: $49.99
  • Extra Builders: $2.99
  • Handful of Diamonds: $0.99
  • Instant Training: $9.99

The diamonds are consumables that can be invested by the player. You can use these to reduce the time taken to construct buildings or increase the speed of producing troops. Extra builders will increase the speed of construction or if there are multiple constructions to be done buying extra builders can be helpful in speeding up the process. Instant training is available to level up the skills of your troops quickly so they can be more effective and strong in attacking the opponent. Above mentioned items can be bought with real money and used in the game for exciting experience of the game.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Is the game available for iOS?
    Yes, apple users can go to the app store and download the game to play.
  2. Should the headquarters be upgraded once the upgrade is available?
    Unlike other strategic games, Boom Beach doesn’t impose any penalty if you upgrade headquarters. So it’s always best to upgrade them to gain other offers and benefits of gameplay. Make sure that in case your headquarters are upgraded to a much higher level than the defensive buildings then you’ll have to look for a victory point range which suits perfectly and you’ll have to consider your base as a headquarter at the lower level defensively.
  3. What should I build/upgrade first?
    As this is also a resource management game, it is useful to build and upgrade the resource buildings first. That way, a constant stream of income is produced that can then be used to defend yourself and also go into the offensive mode.
    Vault is one thing you’d like to build as soon as possible. This is to protect your resources in case you get raided. Unlike Clash of Clans, all your resources can get raided in Boom Beach.Other than that, matchmaking is probably based on your relative experience levels rather than headquarter levels. Upgrading your headquarters can be good strategy, as it will help unlock a lot of other essential buildings and enhancements.
  4. I want easy opponents to play the match. The ones I have now matched with seem to be difficult. What do I do? Can I choose a different opponent to play the match with?
    The system of matching the opponents is dependent on victory points, so if you drop or reduce them you’ll be paired up with easier opponents. An easier way to get this running is to have enough resources that can protect all your loot. Although you will receive relatively small daily rewards.
  5. Is boom beach freely available?
    Yes, you can download the application for free from your android or iOS play store and enjoy playing. However, some items in the game can be purchased for actual money. If you do not wish to purchase anything, that is solely up to the user.
  6. How do I get more builders?
    Only one thing can be upgraded at one time by design. Boom Beach adjusted the build times to be quicker to cater for this.You can cut down trees or build things that take less time while something is building or upgrading simultaneously. Alternatively you can buy builders using real money.
  7. What are diamonds used for?
    Diamonds can be used to speed things up, be it construction of buildings or producing troops or upgrading your items. You can also use diamonds to buy some packages to help in overall gameplay.
  8. How do I get more diamonds?
    The fastest way to get more diamonds in Boom Beach probably is to check the world map and find islands that have treasure chests on them. Tap the chest to unlock some free diamonds for the boom beach game you’re playing.These chests replenish over time, so keep checking on a daily basis to find more such chests.

    Also, once you complete achievements or tasks you are credited with some diamonds. Check the “stars” button in the upper left to see what are the achievements you can aim for and how much each of them is worth.

  9. Why no more invasions?
    Invasions reduce with the increase in the number of blackguard and mercenary bases. They’ll arrive slower than you expect till the time you reach the opponent cap and once you reach that, you’ll get more invasions only when you defeat some bases on the map. So go on the battle mode and conquer some bases.
  10. Can Boom Beach be played on PC or Mac?
    There are numerous emulators available free of cost which can be downloaded on your systems and they will let you download your favourite mobile games or applications and play or use them on your PC or Mac. Look for the most suitable options from the many choices available.Boom Beach is an amazingly addictive game, a great piece of entertainment and for game lovers its whole treat which will keep them engaged. Comes with lot of options to play on various devices and hopefully will soon be available on more operating systems. Until then there are other games available which are similar in gameplay and we have mentioned some of them above. Refer this to know everything you need to about Boom Beach.